Saturday, June 7, 2008

I left my heart in...

I'm here in San Francisco visiting my sister, Amanda, who is fortunate enough to call this city home. It's amazing to me that both Los Angeles and San Francisco can be in the same state because they are so drastically different. San Francisco has such an 'East coast' feel that is totally lacking in L.A. In general, the northern part of the Golden state seems so much more... I don't know.... refined. I think the reason that I am bagging on L.A. these days is because the novelty of living there has worn off. After 6 years of calling the City of Angels home, I am now beginning to take on the opinion of my sister who fondly refers to it as 'Smell-A.'

There's nothing like going out with your 22-year old sister and her 22-year old friends to make you feel old. I know that I'm only 6 years older than her but 6 years in your twenties is like reverse dog years... times it by 4 and I am somewhere in my forties in relation to her.

We had a great time and, as Amanda put it, I 'out-drank' her (I disagree). She could've easily rallied again tonight and gone out till the pre-dawn hours but neither of us got very much sleep last night so we decided to stay in, eat marshmellows and channel surf.

We had a busy day that started with getting up early and going to our 16-year old cousin's dog show. She has a sheltie and shows him on the weekends at dogs shows in the Bay area. Years ago I saw the movie 'Best in Show' and loved it, thinking it was an over-the-top version of what happens at these events. I was wrong. Seeing people who are obsessed with their dogs was complete comic fodder. It is true that owners tend to resemble their dogs. We saw every breed of dog imaginable and all of them had distinct characteristics of their masters. It was hilarious... the icing on the cake? Signs posted all over the event for a booth that read "Semen Bank: This way." No joke. You can buy dog semen and inseminate your dog or you can sell your dog's sperm for profit. Of course we took pictures next to the signs.... which confused the ever-so-serious dog people. It was quite an experience.

After that we headed to Napa to see my dad and step-mom. I love Napa. Seriously, that place is story-book perfect. My dad recently finished completely remodeling his house and did an amazing job. His house is on the Napa river and has breath-taking views of the rolling hills of Napa Valley. He bought an electric boat (read: a water submersible version of a golf cart) and he loves to take it down the river, into the city of Napa where they have city docks near all the restaurants and shops. He and his wife can take their boat, dock it, have dinner, and then take their boat back home. The question becomes, and because this is Napa, wine practically flows from the water fountains...can you get a DUI while puttering along in an electric boat that maxes out at 10 knots?

We headed back to San Francisco at sunset and took the scenic route from Napa through Sonoma where there are vineyards and wineries as far as the eye can see. It truly is one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been. I've seriously considered moving here because I am in love with how the grapes, the wine, and the people seem so organically intertwined. On another note, where haven't I considered moving these days?

I'll be in the City until Monday, soaking up as much of this place as I possibly can. Amanda is taking me running in Golden Gate park tomorrow morning and then we're off to a street fair on Haight street where I'm sure some serious shopping will ensue. Here's hoping for antoher day of sunny and uncharacteristically warm San Francisco weather!

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  1. Oh, the dog world. Since my mother is a dog pimp, I am totally in on that scene. It's pretty out of control.


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