Thursday, June 19, 2008

How apropos!!

Here is my horoscope for the day.... in the near future, I'll do a 'Grace-type' blog and discuss why I find this horoscope so enlightening.

"Although it is tempting to make a quick decision, it is in your best interest to think things all the way through before taking any action. Too many responsibilities will make you question your lifestyle. Determine what the priorities are in your life, and discard the rest for now. A sudden change of attitude may get you out of a rut and put you in a powerful position."

Now I know horoscopes are usually vague and generalized, but man... this one is right on!! More to come later....


  1. WOW! Very interesting...The 'powerful position' sounds good.

  2. You are always welcome at that Alta cabin. Do you think that you need to even ask?? "Mi cabin es su cabin." I will be in Utah all of July and August. You should come to the BBQ the night before Dan's wedding. It's August 7th.


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